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19-958-1350 Cejn 9.5mm x 13.5mm Braided Polyurethane Air Hose

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Cejn PU braid hose is the number one choice for applications that call for a lightweight, tough and flexible air hose with high flow rates and unmatched durability. Priced per/m

Made In Sweden

19-958-1350 Cejn 9.5mm x 13.5mm Braided Polyurethane Air Hose

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Cejn ester based polyurethane hose is reinforced with polyester fibre giving it a very high maximum working pressure up to 232 PSI (16 bar) . It offers a wide temperature range and high tensile, tear and impact strength it is also very resistant to oils solvents and other non aqueous solutions. Cejn hose is extremely light approx 1/2 the weight of comparable Rubber hose and very easy to coil back up when not in use, it has outstanding abrasion resistance and will not mark surfaces. Can be fitted with Kawasaki 80-SOC & 80-DPC compression type air couplings which do not require hose clamps for a superior stream lined hose assembly.
Brand Cejn
Type Braided Polyurethane Hose    
Max. working pressure     232 PSI (16 bar)
Min. burst pressure 928 PSI (64 bar)
ID x OD 9.5 x 13.5 mm
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