Danair RN-16-16 Palm Nailer (9.5mm)

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Danair RN-16-16 palm nailers are the number one choice for driving nails up to 9.5mm head diameter in confined spaces such as retaining walls, board walks, post and rail fences.

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Danair RN-16-16 palm nailer will rapidly install nails of all types with a head diameter of up to 3/8″ (9.5mm) with the push of your hand, it starts automatically as soon as pressure is applied and stops at at the desired depth.

Since 1967, Danair, Inc. has manufactured top quality air tools for the Construction Industry. Hand held lightweight air tools that eliminate the need for cumbersome mallets and hammers have improved productivity and safety. Danair tools are 100% U.S. made and materials and workmanship are guaranteed for a lifetime.
Flexibility – The RN- 16 Palm Nailer® has INTERCHANGEABLE GUIDES to handle finish nails and common nail head diameters up to 7/8″. Nails can be countersunk or left standing to a predetermined height. The Palm Nailer® is easily held in the palm of the hand and allows the user to reach and nail, in any position, and in places a standard hammer cannot be swung.

Performance – The Danair Palm Nailer® has no trigger. Hammering action begins with a light pressure on the nail and stops when the nail is set as desired. Nails do not become ammunition; the Danair Palm Nailer® is the SAFEST automatic nailer on the market.

Quality – Danair products have been made in the U.S. with only the finest materials. Anytime during the LIFETIME of the tool a failure occurs because of workmanship or defective materials. Danair will repair or replace that tool.

Product Improvements- A NEW CASTING PROCESS has added strength to the RN body and cap. This new process combined with the heat-treated powder coat finish produces the HIGHEST GRADE OF DURABILITY. The cylinder and valve design and material change increases power and tool life.


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