TW-22 Tigon Spring Balancer 15-22 Kg 1.5m Stroke


TW-22 Tigon Spring Balancer 15-22 Kg 1.5m Stroke


With health and safety a premium in today’s workplace the Nitto Kohki ‘TIGON’ range of spring and hose reel balancers offer a simple cost effective solution to take the strain out of handling tools and improving work safety and efficiency. It’s a simple fact make a job easier to do and you can do it better, faster and for longer.

The ‘Tigon’ spring balancer range helps improve productivity by keeping tools stored out of the way when not in use on workstations, assembly lines and various shop floor activities. In addition the power tools themselves are safeguarded from accidentally being dropped or damaged, also not forgetting the additional risk to the worker and other products or equipment.

Whilst the tool is in use, the majority of the weight is suspended by the balancer making handling and movement almost effortless. This reduces operator fatigue and again benefits efficiency and productivity levels. The Tigon cable balancer range covers 0.5 to 70kg tool capacity with a maximum cable length of 2 meters. The hose reel range (which incorporates the tools air supply as well as acting as the suspension cable) covers 0.5 to 5kg tool capacity with a 1.3 meter hose length.

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