Nail Kicker V20 (+All 4 Drivers 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm)


Nail kicker V20 denailer is an invaluable tool that safely and efficiently removes nails from timber, plywood, cement board, roofing iron, etc it can also be used to nail carpet edging removing the risk of damaging skirting boards.


Nail kicker V20 pneumatic denailer is a hand-held tool that safely and efficiently removes nails from wood it runs on 90 to 120 psi.

Efficient: The V20 does the work of four tools by simply interchanging driver/nose sets. The models, V20-40, V20-50, V20-60 and V20-80, differ only by the diameter of the driver/nose assembled on the V20 body handling from 2.5mm to 7.9mm diameter nails.

Quick Change out of Driver/Nose Assemblies: Although a specific driver/nose assembly is generally applicable for the duration of a given project, the driver/nose assembly interchange quickly, (about time it takes to make a careful adjustment on a table saw). Manually unscrew the nose and then its matching driver is easily removed by unscrewing 4 screws at the back of the tool body. The 4mm driver bit included in the tool kit assists with making the change out efficient.

Variable Driver Depth: To allow for various applications, the thumbscrew on the upper back of the nose can be set to three limits of nose retraction: .1″(2.5mm) – tight, small imprint, .41″(10.4 mm) – half way – imprint equal to older tools, and .87″(22.1mm) – loose, full retraction. Locking the nose at a specific retracted position makes the V20 useful for setting nail heads 1/8″ below the surface of flooring or driving pallet deck nails or siding nails through the boards for easy separation of boards.

Productive: The durable V20 operates 2 to 4 times faster than removing nails with a hammer, paying for itself within 40 hours for improved productivity and resulting in less fatigue and injury for workers. The V20 is built to last for years of heavy use and it is easily repaired and/or overhauled

Convenient: The Tool Kit molded plastic case carries 1 V20 and up to 3 extra nose/drivers sets. With 3 driver/nose sizes available for purchase at anytime, fitting the same tool body, the driver/nose assembly is easily interchangeable. Buying just one V20 with several driver/nose sets is a cost effective way to get the job done. The V20 uses the same air compressor as a framing nailer and is lightweight, weighing 1.6 kg

Versatile: The V20 is in used in 46 states, 18 countries and 6 continents, easily removing nails in timber and sheathing by striking them from the point end or the head end. The V20 can be used indoors or outdoors with an air compressor or a waist mounted personal tank, removing flooring cleats from the point end in one or two hits or driving the nail head through material up to 19mm thick. Great for quickly releasing barn siding from studs, sheathing from backing and pallet deck boards from runners without leaving any imprints. The V20 driver depth of penetration into the wood is easily adjustable by thumbscrew, setting existing nails to a specific depth below the surface.

Safe: The V20 nose is spring-loaded, providing full protection until the tool is pressed hard against a surface. Unless depressed, the V20 nose protects against accidental contact with the driver, and keeps the driver from leaving an imprint while in use. For industrial applications in carefully controlled settings, the maximum retraction on the V20DN50 and the V20DN80 may be modified to greater than 22.1mm

Available Models:

V20-40: 4mm, Drive nails out of flooring, plywood, siding, pallet boards. Set heads of finish nails.
V20-50: 5mm, Eject 75mm to 115mm nails from lumber. Punch nails or holes in tin or sheet metal.
V20-60: 6mm, Drive nails through 19mm pallet deck boards, sheathing, and siding. Eject large nails.
V20-80: 8mm, Remove spikes from decking up to 55mm thick, and staples from flooring.
V20 + All 4 Drivers: The complete Nail Kicker package for the widest possible range of nails.

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