Texas Pneumatic TX-1BLTNS-3MM Needle Scaler

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Texas Pneumatic TX-1BLTNS needle scalers quickly and efficiently removes weld slag, rust, paint and scale from most surfaces, ideal for cleaning and descaling steel, bridgework, castings, brick, stone and many other materials.


TX-1BLTNS Needle Scaler

Texas Pneumatic scalers have been proven throughout the industrial job sites, as well as construction and marine repair industry.

Shot Peening Effect
Reinforcement of a welded part with the shot peening effect increases strength by imparting residual stress to the surface of the workpiece through the high speed impact of the needles. Highly suitable for effective reinforcement of deteriorated welded parts.


  • Tools have been proven in thousands of applications
  • Tens of thousands of these tools are in the field
  • Completely convertible from needle to chisel scaler and visa versa


Tool Applications

  • De-rusting and cleaning metals
  • Peening of welded jointsCleaning castings
  • Cleaning welding slag
  • Removing barnacles
  • Removing paint, rust and dirt
  • Chipping stone, concrete and brick
  • Needle scalers adjust to any surface contour automatically





Bore (in) 1
Piston Stroke (in) 1 1/8
BPM 4600
Needle Diameter (in) 1/8 / 3mm
Needle Quantity 19
Hose Size (in) 3/8
Overall Length (in) 17
Air Consumption (cfm) 12
Weight (lb) 7

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